First custom made for Ryan Jordan of Backpackinglight magazine, for his Arctic 1000 trek in June of 2006, this stove features the same efficient combustion design as the regular Bushbuddy, but in a lighter weight (5 ounces, instead of 6.5 ounces for the regular model). The two stoves are identical in size. 

Specs are:

Can boil 1 liter of water in 8-10 minutes
 (will take longer under adverse conditions)

Weight     5.1 ounces

Size        4 1/4" diameter by 3 3/4"  high

For compact storage, this stove is designed to nest inside the Snow Peak  Trek 900 (.9L) titanium pot, but will also fit inside many other pots of  similar or larger capacity. (Because of the light weight construction of this stove, it is essential to protect it by storing it in your  cookpot.).

All stainless steel construction, with an outer shell of .004" fully hardened 304 stainless steel,  firebox walls of .010" annealed 304 stainless
steel, and a hand made grate of nichrome wire for long life with minimum weight.

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